Sword of Allah - Thriller: Kindle & ePub Formats

James Marinero
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In February 2016 North Korea announced the successful testing of a fusion bomb. This sets the backdrop to frantic diplomatic activity and a multi-threaded tale of intrigue. Outrageous demands by a visionary terrorist group become public and throw the United Nations into panic.

Ex-Royal Marine Steve Baldwin has been involved in trying to capture an old enemy, Maruška Pavkovic, in Malta, but changed priorities resulting from the British Government’s dark objectives move the action to North Africa where political instability is the norm and duplicity the name of the game.

Baldwin is in the thick of it in more ways than one with Ellie Williams, a senior British agent, as they try to prevent disaster. Events overtake him and he is caught in a whirlpool of powerful intrigue which is too strong for him to fight against. Is he a hero or just a victim?

Thousands of lives are at stake, but the UK Prime Minister is bent on secretly acquiring the technology for her country. It’s an outrageous gamble with the lives of her soldiers – and the diplomatic reputation of the UK. Can Baldwin and Williams save the day – and the Prime Minister’s reputation – or will the mistakes be buried?

eBook with colour illustrations and photographs. 90,000 words (320 pages paperback equivalent)

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Sword of Allah - Thriller: Kindle & ePub Formats

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