Gate of Tears - Thriller: Kindle and ePub Formats

James Marinero
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An up-to-the-minute (and beyond) techno-thriller setting a ruthless psychopathic Serbian female terrorist against an ex-Royal Marine and an Australian gold mining oligarch. Set in the context of the politically volatile Red Sea region and reflecting the revolutionary changes sweeping the region, political expediency with high level betrayal in Government and the Intelligence Services culminates in naval and aerial confrontation between NATO and Israel on one side, and China and the Yemen on the other. Alaska to Australia, Britain to Djibouti, this is an illuminating look at Chinese Superpower ambitions - their worldwide Golden Shield Intelligence Program - humint, elint and cyberwar, together with their nuclear-powered blue water naval ambitions.366 pages - "a book to get stuck in to"

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Gate of Tears - Thriller: Kindle and ePub Formats

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